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Director of Recruiting


Job Type




About the Role

The Irish Tribune is looking for its first ever recruiting manager. The Irish Tribune is looking to dive into the world of Notre Dame football recruiting, and it starts with the recruiting manager. Recruiting is a high-demand and essential aspect of covering Notre Dame Athletics, making up at least 50%+ of the industries demands.


  • Lead content strategy for The Irish Tribune's recruiting operations

  • Schedule story takeovers, interviews, events, etc.

  • Assist in content creation around recruiting as needed


  • Help manage The Irish Tribune's recruiting social media accounts and other recruiting related content


  • Oversee and co-lead recruiting staff

  • Establish, maintain, and excel relationships with high school football recruits from the time they're offered to the time they sign their national letter of intent's

  • Communicate frequently with recruits and recruits' families

  • Communicate and meet regularly with Tribune staff members

  • Attend games, practices, and other events (Optional/at your discretion)


Hard Skills (Required):

  • Experience using social media (Instagram, Twitter/X, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Threads, etc.)

  • Ability to proofread work and revise your editorial pieces and potentially others

  • Exceptional grammar and writing capabilities

  • Strong knowledge of Notre Dame football & Notre Dame football recruiting

Hard Skills (Preferred):

  • Prior experience in sports media, sports journalism, and/or general journalism or writing

  • Experience using Twitter/X, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook

  • Experience conducting interviews & establishing and building conversations with people on a professional level

Soft Skills (Required):

  • Leadership skills

  • Exceptional work ethic & dedication

  • Willingness to perfect your craft

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Strong communication skills

  • Conversational personality

Other Requirements:

  • Access to a computer & reliable WiFi

  • Flexible Schedule

About the Company

Welcome to The Irish Tribune, your gateway to the world of Notre Dame Athletics. As a leading news and media company dedicated to comprehensive coverage of all things Fighting Irish, we take immense pride in being the #1 most engaging platform across social media.

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