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Recruiting Analyst


Job Type




About the Role

• Create written content covering Notre Dame Football Recruiting
• Analyze high school recruits and create various forms of content surrounding recruits
• Communicate & build relationships with recruits and their families
• Engage with Notre Dame fans, promote your content, and provide analysis of Notre Dame Football on social media such as X (formerly Twitter)
• Engage and inform our subscribers in forums, communities/groups, and other communication channels
• Conduct interviews on a occasional basis with players, coaches, parents, recruits, fans, notable people, etc.
• Communicate daily with staff members


Hard Skills (Required):

  • Prior experience in journalism and/or writing

  • Experience using social media (Instagram, Twitter/X, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Threads, etc.)

  • Ability to proofread work and revise editorial pieces on your own

  • Exceptional grammar and writing capabilities

  • Strong knowledge of Notre Dame football & Notre Dame football recruiting

Hard Skills (Preffered):

  • Prior experience in sports media and/or sports journalism

  • Experience writing on the Wix & Wordpress platforms

  • Experience using Microsoft Teams & Instagram for communication

  • Experience using Twitter/X, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook

  • Experience conducting interviews & establishing and building conversations with people on a proffesional level

Soft Skills (Required):

  • Exceptional work ethic & dedication

  • Strong communication skills

  • Conversational personality

About the Company

Welcome to The Irish Tribune, your gateway to the world of Notre Dame Athletics. As a leading news and media company dedicated to comprehensive coverage of all things Fighting Irish, we take immense pride in being the #1 most engaging platform across social media.

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