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Meet 2025 5-Star Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng: A Generational Talent With a Familiar Last Name

Co-Written By: Ryan Fravel & Conor D'Aquila

July 12th, 2023

Photo by ON3

Notre Dame faithful will certainly be familiar with the name Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. By the time he left South Bend, Koramoah had racked up a Butkus Award, a unanimous All-American selection, and a second-round NFL draft selection. He is now a key contributor at linebacker in the Browns' defense and has lived up to all expectations despite some injury struggles.

There was a time, however, when people struggled to see this potential in JOK. He arrived at Notre Dame a 6 foot 2, 197-pound athlete who some believed would be better suited at safety. Ranked the 450th overall prospect in the country, ND didn’t realize the talent initially. In October of 2017, Koramoah committed to the University of Virginia, but in January, the Irish came calling and a flip was imminent.

Fast forward to 2023, and we can see a very different story playing out with Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng, Jeremiah’s brother. This time, the Irish are pursuing a five-star player with 30 offers who has recently enrolled at the prestigious IMG Academy.

This week, we were lucky enough to sit down with the same five star linebacker that Notre Dame has set its eyes on. Brother of Irish great Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng is an incredible talent. Sitting at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, Nathaniel has shown elite talent across the defense in his first two years at DeMatha Catholic in Maryland. We can only expect that ability to grow as he gains access to the resources of IMG Academy over the next two years. Needless to say, the Irish coaching staff has made him a major priority, and he shared some great insight into his process and who he is as a person.

Check out the interview below!

Conor: Anything you think people should know about you? Who you are as a person or a player?

Nathaniel: " One thing I feel like they should know about me is, I'm a consistent hard worker.

You know, even if the lights aren't on me, I'm still working, even if I'm not getting applause from people or even when I'm not getting touches, I'm still working. I can remember my freshman year I came in wearing number 57, as a linebacker. No stars, no nothing. You know, I just came in as a freshman having to get it, and I got it. So even though I'm at IMG, I feel like I haven't even made it yet. So just the constant work, having that, you know, Mamba Mentality."

Ryan: What are the core values or qualities you’re looking for in a school you attend?

Nathaniel: " Most definitely the brotherhood aspect of the game, let's say you look at the next person to your right and to your left, you want to make sure that those boys got your back, every down, every play. So, most definitely the brotherhood aspect of it. and then most definitely the family aspect, and the family aspect goes through the trainers, the coaches, that's the overall school. So you definitely want to get the family aspect of it all, the brotherhood aspect and then, you also want to get a good education as well. I know Notre Dame definitely, definitely offers that too."

Conor: What parts of your game do you think are strongest, and what do you want to improve the most?

Nathaniel: " I think, stuff I have to work on is, let's say if I'm the Edge Defender playing defensive end, or running an outside blitz, or doing something like that, I'd like to strengthen my hands so I can get through those bigger offensive lineman. Right now the strength of my game is I'm very versatile. So I can do different things that God has given me with that, you know, some players can't do, the speed, the strength of it, and then just the flexibility, you know, to dive for tackles and to put your body out just to make plays."

Ryan: How much impact does having an older brother who played for ND have in your recruitment?

Nathaniel " I mean, it's good because you see what Notre Dame did for him while he was at Notre Dame, so you know what they can do for you and even better, you know, now they have NIL, and he didn't have that type of opportunity. So I'm blessed to have that but honestly, money doesn't really mean much to me because I know anywhere I go, your performance can get you that. But having a bigger brother go to Notre Dame, you saw how he developed as a player and also as a man as well. So it was great for sure."

Ryan: Knowing your brother played for Brian Kelly, what have you thought of Marcus Freeman and how he has changed the dynamic of ND?

Nathaniel " Oh man, I love what Marcus Freeman is doing over there. You know, him being a player's coach and him not showing any player more love than the other one. I think Marcus Freeman is a great guy, and I feel like Notre Dame has big plans for the future."

Conor: Has Jeremiah talked to you about the uniqueness of ND in terms of the off the field educational aspects?

Nathaniel: " Yeah, we talked about it a little bit, he gave me a little glimpse of it."

Conor: What has been your experience with the Irish coaching staff? Who has been most active in your recruitment?

Nathaniel: " Right now, my relationship with the Notre Dame staff has been great.

Just talking to Dre Brown, and knowing that he genuinely cares about his recruits and, you know, stuff of that sort. Then also having a genuine relationship with Coach Al Golden there, and Marcus Freeman too. So me and my relationship with Notre Dame has been great, starting off the bat since my freshman year."

Ryan: Do you have any plans to get up to South Bend this Summer or Fall & Are there any major questions you have that you think a visit could answer?

Nathaniel: " Yes sir, I'm definitely trying to make some plans, but I'm going to have to see when we can leave campus from IMG. But I definitely plan on making some moves to South Bend so I can see the campus, and you know see the coaches and do everything like that. I feel like me going there in person will help me get a better aspect of how Notre Dame can fit for me. You know, just see how the city fits for me. Just seeing how the people fit for me and just seeing how the people act. So I mean, just seeing that first person aspect of it would help."

Ryan: I’ve seen that outside of ND, a lot of schools you’re focusing on are down south, how important is location in your decision?

Nathaniel: " I mean, I honestly feel like from playing in Maryland and playing in Florida, you kind of have two different worlds, because playing in Maryland during the summer and fall time, you know, it starts to get hot out and then as soon as it hits November, then it feels like Notre Dame, you know, feels cold. The championship game is like 30 degrees. I feel like location has nothing to do with it because if you're a dog, you know, then I feel like you play no matter what, I just make it happen."

Conor: I see you’re super versatile in your DeMatha defense, what will your role look like at IMG this year, and what position on the field is ND pitching to you?

Nathaniel: " Right now at IMG I'm playing the MIKE and the WILL, and then sometimes I'm stepping down to play on the edge too. So, at Notre Dame obviously, I think it'll become the same thing, you know, me switching from playing in a box to playing outside the box in space and also coming down off the edge too."

Ryan: How are you enjoying the recruiting process so far?

Nathaniel: " I mean yeah, coming from where I come from, a lot of people don't see this green grass and, and it's like, I'm blessed, you know, I'm blessed to have this, to have this opportunity. So, yeah, just seeing what different schools can offer and just traveling too, you know, so that's great and a pretty special opportunity."

We hope you all enjoyed the interview! To get to know Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng more, give him a follow on Twitter @_nob11


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“You know, him being a player's coach and him not showing any player more love than the other one.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that feels like a subtle shot at BK to me.

Ryan Fravel
Ryan Fravel

For sure, that's definitely what i was thinking when he said that in his interview.

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