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Advertising Specialist


Job Type




About the Role

• Land & maintain sponsorships & partnerships with brands for The Irish Tribune
• Scout brands that would be a good fit to advertise and/or partner with The Irish Tribune
• Meet with brands in-person or remotely as needed
• Communicate with staff members on a daily basis


Hard Skills (Required):

  • Experience as a salesman, working in the marketing/ad market, or looking to pursue a career in marketing and/or advertising

  • Strong knowledge of Notre Dame athletics, marketing trends

Hard Skills (Preffered):

  • Local/semi-local to the South Bend area

  • Experience using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, etc.

Soft Skills (Required):

  • Exceptional work ethic & dedication

  • Strong communication skills

  • Conversational personality

About the Company

Welcome to The Irish Tribune, your gateway to the world of Notre Dame Athletics. As a leading news and media company dedicated to comprehensive coverage of all things Fighting Irish, we take immense pride in being the #1 most engaging platform across social media.

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