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The Top of the College Football Mountain

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Written by Nick Kremer

The year is 2009. Avatar has just been released in theaters, Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift, and Charlie Weis has just capped off a 6-6 season. The one time “schematic advantage” jersey boy has been fired, and once again Notre Dame football is at the bottom of the college football mountain.

In comes an Irish Catholic from Boston, who has put a winning product on the field at every one of his coaching stops. This is it. This is the man that will bring Notre Dame football back to where it belongs. The top of the college football mountain.

12 seasons, 113 wins, 3 National Championship/Playoff appearances later, and Kelly was off to the SEC. The first football coach to leave Notre Dame for another college job since 1907. And just like that, Notre Dame football was in need of a new head football coach.

Just when you thought it was time to worry, Notre Dame officially hires Marcus Freeman. Freeman, an all star recruiter, a moral man, and someone who seems to be a true Notre Dame man. The hype and excitement that was building around the program was something that far exceeded that under the previous coach.

The hype was even more real when the Irish came out and took a commanding 28-14 lead over Oklahoma State going into halftime. WOW. Social media is frantically raving over our new leader. “Marcus Freeman may never lose at Notre Dame.” This excitement came crashing down as the Irish let their Fiesta Bowl victory slip through their hands.

So, what now?

Notre Dame football has NOT been in a better position since Lou Holtz, and we have to thank Mr. Kelly and his “fam-uhly” for that. But make no mistake, Notre Dame has the right man for the job. Marcus Freeman, in his limited time at Notre Dame, has already shown that he understands this university more than his predecessor. “Notre Dame will change you if you let it.” A simple quote from coach Freeman, but one that packs a phenomenal punch.


Marcus Freeman knows how special this university is, and as much as we wanted to believe Brian Kelly understood that, it is very clear that he did not. Marcus Freeman understands that Notre Dame is special and unique, but it is not for everybody.

Marcus has shown that he will be relentless in his commitment to leading The Fighting Irish. He has publicly stated that he WANTS to be the lead recruiter for all prospects. He WANTS to find young men that will give everything to Notre Dame. He WANTS to find the best staff out there. And he WANTS what is best for Our Lady’s University.

In my lifetime, I have not been more excited about the direction of the Notre Dame football program. A program that has the best tradition, academics, school spirit, and faith in the entire country. We finally have a head coach and leader that understands and exemplifies that. THAT will bring us back to the top of the College Football mountain.

The best is yet to come, Irish fans.

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