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Blue vs Gold Spring Game Preview: Offense

Written by Mike Stacey X: @MikeStaceyIT IG: @mikestaceyit

Photo by The Irish Tribune

When: April 20th- 1 P.M. EDT

Where: Notre Dame Stadium

How to Watch: The game will be aired exclusively on Peacock

This upcoming Saturday Notre Dame will be playing their 93rd Blue-Gold scrimmage. Unless you are new to Notre Dame Football, I am sure you are all aware that this is an inter-squad scrimmage where teams will be selected beforehand representing the "Blue Team" and the "Gold Team." Each year fans seem to be less interested in which team wins, and more interested in how certain players or units perform. I am no different, and this year as every other year I have specific interests and concerns going into this game that I will be keeping an eye on Saturday. Let's take a look at some of the most intriguing storylines going into this game, and which player at each group I expect to have a breakout Spring Game performance.


One of my biggest intrigues coming into this season is who will take over the number 2 spot on the depth chart. Maybe the back-up QB isn't the sexiest topic in recent years, but with Riley Leonard's ankle issues and the amount of talent on the Depth Chart, not only do I find this interesting but I think it could be very important. I would not be surprised to see one of these players seeing significant time at some point this season. If so, they will need to be ready if Notre Dame is going to reach their Playoff expectations. Carr was the QB who stood out in their recent live scrimmage, Angeli is the assumed number 2 and Minchey has a ton of upside. So who will rise up the ranks to grab that back-up spot? We might get a good idea come Saturday.

Breakout Player:

CJ Carr

Running Back:

Simply put, this group is loaded. Yes, Estime has left huge shoes to fill. Yes, there is some concern about new faces on the Offensive Line. However, these backs are going to help alleviate some of that concern as they are flat out explosive. The biggest problem they may have is figuring out how to split reps between this group. Also, look for these guys to have something to say in the passing game as well. Love, Price, Payne, Young, Williams? Yeah, I can't wait....

Breakout Player:

Williams (sleeper)

Wide Receiver:

This is the position that has made Irish fans cringe over the past couple seasons, but with a new coach in Mike Brown and an influx of speed and talent, this year expects to yield better results. The big question for me is who will stand out and be the number 1 option for the Irish this season? In the live scrimmage Greathouse and Williams stood out. Williams is a 5 star recruit embarking on his freshman year with all the tools to be a star. Greathouse had a great Freshman season that was impacted later on due to a nagging injury. I think as long as he can stay healthy he has the inside track on being WR1 for the Irish this season, but there are certainly plenty of other options including highly touted transfer Kris Mitchell, and walk on turn late season star Jordan Faison. For the first time in a few years, I am very excited about this groups potential production this season. I think it is going to be significant.

Breakout Player:

Jaden Greathouse

Tight End:

Death, taxes, and Notre Dame having studs at Tight End. This year should be no different with Mitchell Evans, Eli Raridon, Cooper Flanagan and Kevin Bauman. The biggest question mark about this group is whether or not it can stay healthy. Mitchell Evans will miss this game and the entirety of the Spring as he went down with a torn ACL injury at the end of last season and is still on the mend. This was his second injury in two years. Eli Raridon, his backup, suffered an ACL injury in 2022. Kevin Bauman also suffered a torn ACL last year, his second in consecutive seasons. Simply put, that is A LOT of concerning knee injuries at one position. If the Irish can stay healthy, LOOK OUT. The talent on this unit is undeniable. However, a couple injuries and this group that should be a strength can quickly turn to a weakness.

Breakout Player:

Cooper Flanagan

Offensive Line:

This unit has a lot to prove and the direction of this season could very well hinge on their development. Replacing Joe Alt and Blake Fisher at the Tackle positions will certainly not be an easy task and the guys on the inside, although coming back with experience, certainly need to improve upon last years performance and find more consistency. The good news is the talent is there and so far they are healthy throughout camp. The bad news is there are plenty of unknowns. This will be a fun one to watch come Saturday.

Breakout Players:

Tackle- Charles Jagusah

Guard- Billy Schrauth

Who do you think will break out in the Spring Game for the Irish offense? Let us know in the comments!


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