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Notre Dame vs NC State Predictions

Written by Mike Stacey ⏐ Writer ⏐ Twitter: @MikeStaceyIT IG: @mikestaceyit

Photo Credit: The North State Journal

Well ladies and gentlemen it's that time of the week again, game day predictions. Last week I was almost spot on with Audric Estime's stats and the final game score, but could not be farther off with Tobias Merriweather. Sue me. This week the Irish take on their first true road test and their first real test of the season, NC State. The Wolfpack come into this game 1-0 after a close win on the road over UConn. With that being said, NC State is certainly no pushover and a team that ND will need to make sure they are focused against this Saturday. NC State has been very consistent over recent years but has not yet been able to crack the ACC title game. Regardless, they always come with a hard hitting defense and a very competetive squad that has won at least 8 games 5 of the past 6 seasons. This year, they hope the offense will match the defense's pedigree, as they have acquired Robert Anae at Offensive Coordinator and Brennan Armstrong at QB. The two both accounted for an explosive Virginia Offense in 2021 that they hope to replicate this year, albeit with far less talent at Wide Receiver and some questions on the O-line. Will the Wolfpack be able to pull off the upset? Or will Notre Dame continue to roll through week 3. Let's make some predictions!


Sam Hartman:

This will be Hartman's toughest test so far this season and should give us a more telling idea of where him and this offense is at. This game will not be nearly as easy as the past 2, especially with NC State's secondary. That being said, I think Hartman still goes out and makes some big plays for the Irish.

Prediction: 20-29/ 290 yards/ 3 TD

Audric Estime:

The Irish are going to continue to let the big dog eat, and for good reason. Estime has proven to be one of the best backs in the county, and certainly one of the toughest to tackle as he leads the country in Missed Tackles Forced with 16. I think Notre Dame will wear the defense down early with ground attacks which will open up the passing game later in the game.

Prediction: 16 Carries/ 115 yards/ 1 TD

Mitchell Evans:

The Mayer era is over but don't overlook the Irish tight ends. Mitchell Evans has flown well under the radar this season and certainly has some huge shoes to fill, but Evans is far from a slouch himself. I think with the Wolfpacks corners being as good as they are, look for the young tight end to be a favorite target for Sam Hartman in this game.

Prediction: 6 catches/ 70 yards


Javontae Jean-Baptiste:

It's nice to be rooting for and not against Javontae this season, as he has transferred to the Irish from Columbus. He brings a great pass rush skill set along with great athleticism. I think this game will be a bit of a breakout game for him as he puts it on Armstrong and gets a hold of him a of couple times. I also think he makes his presence known in the run game setting the edge and being disruptive.

Prediction: 2 TFL, 2 Sacks

Benjamin Morrison:

It is hard to pick Benjamin simply because Quarterbacks try their best to avoid him, so the stats this season may be down from last year simply due to opportunities. However, I think Armstrong is going to take some chances in this game and Morrison is going to cash in and make a few big plays.

Prediction: 2 Pass Break ups/ 2 Interceptions

Game Prediction:

This game has me a bit nervous, to be honest, but I am hopeful the Irish go into North Carolina and take care of business. It may be ugly at times, but I think the Irish pull this one out.


NC State-21


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