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Tyler Buchner Can Win a Championship at Notre Dame

After a hard fought battle, Tyler Buchner was named the starting quarterback for Notre Dame this past week. With the help of offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, coach Marcus Freeman announced the decision with great enthusiasm. Because he brings the highest upside of all the quarterbacks, most Notre Dame fans expected Tyler to be the choice to lead the Irish in 2022.

Buchner will now step into one of the most coveted positions in all of college football. It is hard to describe, but there is something unique about playing quarterback for the Fighting Irish. Buchner will stand on the shoulders of men like: Johnny Lujack, Joe Theismann, Tom Clements, Joe Montana, Steve Beurlein, Tony Rice, Rick Mirer, Kevin McDougal, Ron Powlus, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, Tommy Rees and many other great quarterbacks at Notre Dame. Those are very difficult shoes to fill, but Notre Dame fans should be optimistic that Tyler Buchner can fulfill his destiny as the next “great” quarterback at the University of Notre Dame. Many have come close, but fans are still waiting for a modern national championship.

Here are a few reasons why I believe Buchner can win a championship for the Irish:

  • Skillset

As you watch Tyler’s high school film, you quickly realize that he has a unique skillset for the quarterback position. Even though he does not possess a cannon for an arm, he can make deep throws. He makes throws to the middle of the field and short throws as well. Tyler not only throws the ball accurately, he throws his receivers open as well. He possesses that unique ability to throw where he knows his receivers are going to be. This has been desperately lacking at Notre Dame for the past five to six years. One knock on Tyler’s throwing ability is that he has an unconventional throwing motion. However, this does not seem to hinder his ability to put the ball where it needs to be. Some of the better college quarterbacks in recent memory have had unconventional throwing motions, such as: Vince Young, Tim Tebow, Philip Rivers, and Byron Leftwich.

  • Playmaking Ability

Notre Dame fans were able to get a glimpse of Tyler’s playmaking ability last year. Fans have not seen a quarterback run like Buchner since Brandon Wimbush was the starter. Buchner has the ability to run when the pocket breaks down, but Tommy Rees should be able to call a few designed quarterback runs as well. This should make the offense very dynamic this season and take pressure off of a injury-prone wide receiver group.

  • Football Knowledge

Interview after interview has proved that Buchner possess an incredibly high football knowledge. Before enrolling at Notre Dame, he had already memorized the limited playbook he had received. He appears to be able to learn and apply what he is learning quickly. This is incredibly important for a championship-level quarterback in college football.

  • Team Support

Not only does Tyler bring a lot to the table this season, he is also surrounded by improved position groups and skill players. Under Harry Hiestand, the offensive line should be much improved this season. This should pave the way for the running backs to have a monster season. Notre Dame returns the best tight end in college football. Despite being a young group of receivers, they should be better this year and become reliable options for Buchner. If the offense can take the step forward that many believe they can, this is going to be one of the most dynamic offenses Notre Dame fans have seen in years.

  • The “IT” Factor

Last, Tyler posses the “IT” factor that any coach wants from their quarterback position. This is what made quarterbacks like: Vince Young, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and more so special to watch. They were able to single-handedly take a game over and put the team on their back. Tyler Buchner has the ability to do that for Notre Dame this year. Even though Tyler seems to be a quiet and laid back young man, he seems to posses the ability to “turn it on” when game day begins. As you watch his high school film, you will quickly notice a level-headed young man that become a “baller” when he is needed most. He plays with a different emotion, passion and competitive spirit that every coach wants from their quarterback.


Final Word-

Do we know that Tyler Buchner will lead Notre Dame to another championship? No, but he possesses all of the tools to be successful at Notre Dame. Notre Dame fans should rally around this young man as he has the opportunity to go down as another legend in Notre Dame history. Here is to hoping Buchner is the promised one that we have waited for, and he will be the one to win a national championship for the Fighting Irish.

Go Irish!


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