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Meet the Recruit: 4-Star Corner Cree Thomas

Written by Mike Stacey ⏐ Writer ⏐ X: @MikeStaceyIT IG: @mikestaceyit

Photo Credit: Cree Thomas

I recently had the opportunity to speak with 2025 Notre Dame recruit, Cree Thomas. Cree is a 6-1, 175lb Corner out of Brophy College Prep in Phoenix Arizona. Cree is rated as a 4-star prospect according to the 247 Sports Composite. Cree is the first Corner in the 2025 class and hopes to continue the streak of great corner play we have seen with the Irish under Coach Mickens.

After watching his 2023 film, Cree shows great length, athleticism, and a nose for the ball. He also displays a willingness to meet the runner head on and is not afraid of contact. Cree plays both Safety and Corner so he brings versatility to the Secondary. He finished up his Junior season with 76 Total Tackles, 5 Interceptions, and 4 Passes Deflected. This is the kind of player with a lot of upside and tools that Coach Mickens can turn into an absolute monster on the field if developed properly. Irish fans should be excited about this one!

Now let's get to the interview!

What was the recruiting process like for you?

Cree: "My recruiting process started my freshman year. I was offered by Oregon. Ever since then it has been a blessing. Offers started rolling in and I decided to commit after my Junior season. I would describe it as a blessing."

What were the main factors you were looking for in choosing a school?

Cree: "I really wanted a school who not only wanted me as a football player but as a person as well. I wanted coaches that were going to show me love and a support system for when I leave home and go to college. So that was really the main things. Notre Dame, their coaches showed me so much love throughout the process and they really showed me a great family feeling. They brought me into their family. I always wanted to go somewhere with a family culture so that was a big part of it."

What separated Notre Dame from the other schools?

Cree: "Like I said the love they showed me and always being on top of me with the recruitment. The Catholic base of the school was huge for me because I know I can continue my faith no matter what as long as I am going to Notre Dame."

Where do you see yourself fitting into the Defense when you get there?

Cree: "They see me playing as a cornerback. They see me as a guy who can play both zone and man, a guy who can fit in different spots, but honestly I'm just going to do anything I need to do to help the team. Anywhere they want to put me, I'm willing to play multiple positions. I played safety in high school as well so I am versatile and I'll be ready to do whatever they need me to do."

What is the craziest recruiting pitch you have received from a school so far?

Cree: "Honestly, if a school was doing that (something crazy) I would probably disregard it. Throughout my process I was really looking for a school that's just genuine about everything. I have heard stories about schools throwing, like, crazy things at these recruits and that's never really been a priority for me so I think the fact that Notre Dame was just genuine the entire time and talked to me about life after football and after school, I think that was a big reason why I chose them as well."

Who were the coaches at Notre Dame that recruited you the hardest? Who did you build relationships with?

Cree: "So of course my position coach, Coach Mickens. I talked to him a lot, that's my guy every time I went out there. He's a guy that I got really close with. Of course, coach Bowden our recruiting coordinator, as well. Love him, he's super energetic Brings it every conversation. Coach Freeman, I talk to Coach Freeman a lot, he recruited me super hard and I am really grateful for him. Coach Golden the D-Coordinator and Coach Dre Brown, He is amazing. Any time I had any questions he got those answered."

What are some of your goals for this upcoming season?

Cree: "I just want to enhance everything in my game. Be more explosive, be faster, be better in coverage, you know just everything I can do to get better and polish up my game to be ready for the next level. That's what I want to work on. It's not necessarily one thing or two things specifically it's just trying to elevate my entire game to be able to play at the next level."

What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

Cree: "I recently got into some photography stuff. I have been trying to pick that up a little bit. I also run track. I'm a high jumper. Those are some things I have been getting into outside of football."

Who is your favorite NFL team?

Cree: "Oh, so I was a Giants fan growing up. I loved Odell Beckham growing up. But my stepbrother, Isaiah Oliver, he plays for the 49ers right now so I have been following him around. Wherever he's at, I'm at."

Is there an NFL player that you model yourself after or aspire to be like?

Cree: "There is the no brainer players you want to be like, Jalen Ramsey, Pat Surtain, Sauce Gardner, you know those are always guys you look at their highlight tapes or film and you want to replicate your game after. They are the best doing it right now so I definitely watch a lot of those guys."

You and the class seem pretty close, who is the funniest guy in the class?

Cree: "Definitely Deuce. (Knight) It's a no brainer. 100% Deuce."

Who is the intimidator in the class?

Cree: "Oh that's a hard one! Let me think about this one. We have a lot of big guys. I'm thinking a big lineman like Will Black. Chris Burgess, he's a big intimidating guy so one of those guys for sure."

What is your favorite spot on Notre Dame's Campus?

Cree: "I mean, definitely the football field, the stadium. Other than that on campus, Touchdown Jesus. It's a nice relaxing spot where I can see myself when I go out there hanging out, doing some homework. It's beautiful."

To close things up, what is your message for the fans?

Cree: "I've said this a few times but, I'm a competitor. No matter what I do I'm going to compete and I want to win so I am going to do everything it takes and everything I need to help our team and Notre Dame in the future and hopefully we can get a National Championship."

If you want to get to know Cree better and show him some support, give him a follow on Instagram @cree_thomas and X @CreeThomas3. Go Irish!

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