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Notre Dame vs Marshall Fan Guide

The Irish are set for the first home game in the Freeman Era this weekend. After a 21-10 loss to Ohio State in The Shoe, the Fighting Irish are returning to a more friendly and welcoming environment in South Bend (for the Irish that is, not for any traveling teams). The Irish faithful have long been awaiting this day. All the buzz and the excitement around the Freeman Era will surely not have lost any steam. After hanging with one of the top three teams in the nation and playing some stellar defense everyone is still on the Freeman hype train. But this article is not going to dwell on analyzing and discussing that game, here at Irish Tribune there is other stellar content to check out to get your fix on post-game wrap ups and for the review of the upcoming game against the Thundering Herd of Marshall.

Today I will be focusing on you, the fans! Everyone knows that traveling to Notre Dame is more then just a football trip. It is a pilgrimage to one of the cathedrals of college football. A journey that should be planed with diligence and should be awaited with anxious anticipation.

I myself have been to Notre Dame almost ten times in my young life. Each trip has brought with it numerous memories that I will never forget and I optimistically await my next trip to South Bend. No matter how many times you go, there will be a new experience awaiting and new stories to tell for the rest of your life. I wanted to share some of my favorite traditions to take part in, places to visit and food to try, so that your experience this weekend at Notre Dame will be one of the best it can be.

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A- Trip to Notre Dame can not be started any other way! Check out the book store for the newest Irish apparel and snag some memorabilia to decorate your home office or your sports cave! Also don't forget the shirt for the year!

B-The South Quad is the place to be this weekend. Friday night the pep rally will be held here starting a 5:30 pm. Get there early or stay a little later to sneak into the Rockne Memorial to rub the great coach's nose for some good luck on Saturday and the rest of the season. Also on Saturday the South Quad will be littered with some of the best tailgate food on campus. Various non profits and charity groups will be serving up steak sandwiches, burgers brats and dogs. Stop by and show your support!

C- Working our way up the campus we'd find our selves at the God Quad. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is must see. From the stained glass windows, beautiful architecture and the painted ceilings it is a cant miss. Their will also be Mass for those that wish to attend 30 minutes after the end of the game on Saturday. And of course only just few steps away is the picturesque Grotto. It is most awe-inspiring at dusk when the full effect of the votive candels can be appreciated. But this does not mean that it will be worth the walk at any point during the weekend. Its also less busy in the early parts of Friday and Saturday. From here one can walk to just below the Golden Dome and truly see the shine and shimmer of Lady who looks over all the Fighting Irish faithful. And you do not want to Trumpets Under the Dome which is on Fridays of game weekends at 4 p.m. and an hour before kickoff on game day.

Photo Credit: Notre Dame Football Twitter

D- Touchdown Jesus will never disappoint, whether you can see him from your seat in the stadium or if you posed for pictures before the kickoff this icon is one that gives you a sense of how special the school and team really are!

E-About two hours before kickoff stay close to Touchdown Jesus and you see hundreds if not thousand of blue and green clad faithful starting to line the sidewalk heading towards the stadium to get a sight and maybe even a high five from one of the Irish players and coaches. Fun side note, at one player walk Ian Book gave me a high five and then went on to throw five TDs that day.

1- This is where it all goes down! Where 80,000 fans unite and come together as one and cheer on the greatest team in college football! The Irish have made significant upgrades since my first game at Notre Dame. There is now a jumbo-tron, which I would've appreciated on my first trip because I missed the one and only TD. The grass has been switched t turf whit a giant ND at center field. But trust me the stadium still caries its magic and mystic. Get in town early on Friday and you might be able to walk thru the tunnel and to the edge of the filed. Even if there's a wait its definitely worth it!

Photo Credit: The New York Times

2- The Joyce Center is typically where the pep rally will be held if there is bad weather on Friday night. So keep an eye on the forecast!

The most important things to remember for Saturday: root your heart out for those players; go back home with a phone full of photos to share with friends and family; create countless memories from tailgating and make new Irish faithful friends; and lose your voice from cheering so much.


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