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The 2024 Two-Headed Dragon: Aneyas Williams and Kedren Young

Written by Liam Farrell|Writer|Twitter @LiamFarrell_IT

Graphic Courtesy of Ruben Kelly Ysasi

As it stands, Notre Dame and Marcus Freeman have built a top 5 recruiting class for 2024. This 2024 class has the opportunity to be one of the best in recent memory, and most of it can be attributed to the true talent they have on the offensive side of the ball. The 5 star-talent tandem of CJ Carr and Cam Williams have the Irish passing threat destined for success; however, what Gerad Parker and Deland McCullough have done in recruiting top tier running backs is equally as impressive. The first piece of the ground game puzzle was locking in the Swiss army knife of running backs, Aneyas Williams. Then, to complement and build off Williams' toolset, the Irish went out and locked up the brute from the lone star state, Kedren Young. Even though the two backs have their own unique skillset, there are similarities between these two talents. The determination and grit, in which these two backs play with are where both four star running backs shine. Upon looking at their junior year film, each back displays the ability to shake off arm tackles and keep pushing through any contact. While Young is slightly physically bigger than Williams, both backs can play between the tackles and show the ability to hit the home run on a simple halfback dive. Let's take a look at what makes each talented back so special in there own unique way.

Runs in the Last Name

Via 247Sports

We'll first start with the back who committed to the Irish first, and that's Aneyas Williams. Williams is a 5'10" 195 lb all-around physical rusher from Hannibal, Missouri. Notre Dame beat out the likes of Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee to land the 18th overall running back according to the 247 rankings. While it may be an easy connection to make, Aneyas' skillset is strikingly similar to a former Notre Dame star who also hailed from the great state of Missouri, Kyren Williams. Aneyas can do it all on the football field, much like Kyren. He can get physical and run between the tackles, or if you need him to, he can show off his speed and break something to the outside. An added bonus is that he is a great pass catcher out of the backfield, and can more than hold his own in the pass pro game. Aneyas Williams is a difference making running back who can provide stability to a roster and simply be an every down back.

Not the Lone Star

Via 247Sports

Next up, we have Kedren Young. I was blown away watching Young's junior year highlights. The explosiveness of Young is absurd, but the most valuable part of Young's game is his ability to see the field. Young's vision and jump cutting ability were the two things that really stood out to me. He has the ability to make a 5 yard rush a 50 yard one really fast. Young's overall size is something that should make Notre Dame fans really excited. He currently stands in at 5'10" 220 lbs. His lateral speed and how frequently he uses his jump-cuts reminds me a little of Dexter Williams. Young is a little heavier than Williams and might not have that breakaway burst of speed yet, but both backs' ability to run behind their blocks and make linebackers miss in the trenches is quite a special trait.

The Mastermind Behind it All

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Deland McCullough has down a tremendous job since taking over the reins of the Notre Dame running back room. Last year, he masterfully put together and developed the different skillsets of the three headed combination in Estime, Diggs, and Tyree. On the recruiting front, McCullough has been exceptional locking down these two highly touted recruits in addition to Jeremiyah Love and Gi'Bran Payne in 2023 and 2022. McCullough has been one of the bright spots in the Notre Dame coaching staff under the new Marcus Freeman regime, and his loyalty and love for the university is evident. In my personal opinion, he and Chansi Stuckey are the two best position coaches Notre Dame hosts on their staff.


Irish fans should be beyond excited to know that they have one of the best running back tandems in the class of 2024. It should also be exciting to see the production that each of these backs do in their senior season. All signs are pointing up for the Notre Dame football program, with the elite job that the staff is doing on the recruiting trail, while cultivating the talent they have on campus. It is a great time to be a Notre Dame football fan, and I can't wait for the upcoming future.


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Jul 02, 2023

fantastic read, love this piece

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