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Evaluating Notre Dame's Most Recent Recruits

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Photo Credit: @ndfootball on Instagram

Notre Dame is on the brink of its best two-year recruiting stretch since Lou Holtz was coach. It’s not just the top-level talent Marcus Freeman is bringing to Notre Dame, it’s the overall depth of this class that makes it unique. Yes, the Irish staff needs to find a quarterback after missing out on Dante Moore, but this staff is proving they have a knack for identifying talent. The most recent recruits prove this to be the case.

Brian Kelly was responsible for sending several Irish players to the NFL, but many fans believe he could have done better on the recruiting trail. Marcus Freeman is proving this to be true with his most recent recruiting success. We remember Charlie Weiss for his top recruiting classes and being able to land top-rated players. Yet, he seemed to not be able to round out his classes with lower-rated recruits that added quality depth. Marcus Freeman appears to be doing both with the 2023 and 2024 recruiting classes.

Most Recent Commitments

Jaiden Ausberry

2023 Linebacker — 6’1, 210 lbs

University Lab High School (Baton Rouge, LA)

Rivals- 4 star; ESPN- 4 star; 247 Sports- 4 star; On3- 4 star

Despite being slightly undersized, Jaiden is the type of linebacker that Marcus Freeman loves. He has a nose for the football, tackles well, and has that “it” factor that you desire in a recruit. After watching the film, his instincts and tackling angles appear to be advanced for his age. He may need a year or two in the strength and conditioning program, but when his time comes, Jaiden is going to shine.

Ben Minich

2023 Safety — 5’11, 185 lbs

Lakota West High School (West Chester, OH)

Rivals- 3 star; ESPN- 4 star; 247 Sports- 4 star; On3- 3 star

Ben has a knack for showing up around the football. He lacks the ideal size you would like to see in a current college safety, but he makes up for that with good ball skills and a high football I.Q. He is an ideal special teams player and should have an opportunity to play at some point in his career. He will need a couple of years in the strength and conditioning program to add much-needed muscle, but that should not be a problem under Matt Balis.

Dylan Edwards

2023 Athlete — 5’9, 165 lbs

Derby High School (Derby, KS)

Rivals- 4 star; ESPN- 4 star; 247 Sports- 4 star; On3- 4 star

There is only one word that comes to mind when you think about Dylan: Speed. Dylan is a very fast player and that stands out immediately. His change of direction and natural feel for running lanes makes him a threat to score every time he touches the football. He will need to add muscle and weight, but he should be able to make an impact on special teams when he steps on campus.

Peter Jones

2024 Offensive Lineman — 6’5, 289 lbs

Malvern Preparatory School (Malvern, PA)

Rivals- 4 star; ESPN- 4 star; 247 Sports- 4 star; On3- 4 star

Peter plays with advanced technique and power. It is not surprising that Harry Hiestand identified and wanted him in this class. Peter projects to play tackle or guard at Notre Dame. He has the frame to add ideal weight and muscle to play the position in college. Peter should be a two to three-year starter at Notre Dame and be a reliable part of the offensive line for CJ Carr.

Photo Credit: @ndfootball on Instagram

Final Take

With the help of his staff, Marcus Freeman has put together a 2023 recruiting class filled with starters, potential starters, and overall quality depth. Even though Peter Jones is the first offensive lineman commit in the 2024 class, Freeman and company are off to a quick start with the number one class in the nation. Again, we have seen great players come through Notre Dame, but with this 2023 and 2024 class, we are beginning to see something truly special. It is yet to be known if Marcus Freeman can lead Notre Dame to a championship, but these recruiting classes are how a team gets there. It is truly a new era under Marcus Freeman at Notre Dame.

Go Irish!


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