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Notre Dame Offensive Depth Chart Predictions: Spring Edition

Written by Mike Stacey ⏐ Writer ⏐ X: @MikeStaceyIT IG: @mikestaceyit

Photo by The Irish Tribune

We are a couple weeks into Spring Practice and less than a month away from the Blue-Gold game which will be played on April 20th at 1 PM - Mark your calendars!

We are also on the heels of some disappointing injury updates with the news of Riley Leonard being out at least a few more weeks with another surgery on his ailing ankle, and All American corner, Benjamin Morrison, out for the Spring post shoulder procedure. Although this certainly can't be spun into "good news" by any means, with these two out it means some more valuable reps for other players. With that being said, let's project the offensive depth chart early into spring based on what we've seen.


  1. Steve Angeli

  2. Kenny Minchey

  3. CJ Carr

Sure, the news about Riley Leonard has to be a cause for concern, as that injured ankle was something we were all worried about when Leonard arrived at Notre Dame. However, the injury is not considered to be long term and as long as this doesn't become a recurring issue, he should be fine for the season opener. Outside of that concern, can you remember a time where Notre Dame had a deeper quarterback room? I mean, any one of these guys could be competing for a starting position this year at the D-1 level based on either experience or raw talent. The biggest question now is who will ultimately win out the No. 2 spot on the depth chart. As it stands, Steve Angeli seems to be the most likely candidate, as he brings real game experience in which he performed well with his opportunity last season. However, I believe Kenny Minchey will truly push him for the No. 2 spot, and this one could come down to the wire. I think ultimately Angeli's experience and calm demeanor in big moments will give him the edge, and he will emerge as QB1 at the end of the Spring (Until Leonard returns).

Wide Receiver:

Boundary Position:

  1. Jayden Thomas

  2. Deion Colzie

  3. KK Smith OR Micah Gilbert

Field Position:

  1. Kris Mitchell

  2. Cam Williams

Slot Position:

  1. Jaden Greathouse

  2. Jordan Faison

  3. Jayden Harrison

This is a group I am excited about, nervous about, and unsure about all at the same time. I believe this is a great group as far as potential and talent is concerned. If most of these guys play to or close to their potential, Notre Dame is going to be VERY good on offense this year, and that's without even mentioning what Mike Denbrock will bring to the table. The problem is this group has some question marks. Can guys like Jayden Thomas, Deion Colzie, and Jaden Greathouse stay healthy after bouts with injuries last year? Can the new guys like Kris Mitchell, Jayden Harrison, and Beaux Collins (Not yet enrolled hence left off the depth chart) be able to develop an on field chemistry with Riley Leonard by the time fall comes around? These are all legitimate questions and concerns that we will have to wait and see on the field before we have answers. For now, we are hearing positive news coming from this group out of Spring Practice which is encouraging and a good sign from Mike Brown early on in his ND career. I think Jayden Thomas is in great position to end Spring atop the depth chart given his experience and size. From what we have been hearing, Kris Mitchell may be a legit No. 1, and I would be shocked if he doesn't enter the summer at the top of the field depth chart. Lastly, and most interesting to me, is the slot position. I think Jaden Greathouse has the edge after his successful Freshman campaign, however how do you keep Faison off the field after his late burst onto the scene? It is safe to say both of these guys will get plenty of snaps, but will it be at the same position? Perhaps Greathouse moves to another spot if one of the aforementioned wide outs doesn't meet expectations? This will be a fun one to watch develop, but for now I have Greathouse with the edge. As far as some of the new faces go, Micah Gilbert has been making a bit of a name for himself during the infancy stages of Spring practice. With good size, he'll likely fit in nicely at the boundary but will still need some time to develop.

Tight End:

  1. Mitchell Evans

  2. Eli Raridon

  3. Cooper Flanagan

Death, taxes, and Notre Dame dominating at the Tight End position. You can set your clock to it. Year after year, Notre Dame produces some of the best tight ends in the country, and this year should be no different. Mitchell Evans is an absolute stud and showed that to the country as he broke out onto the scene last year. He will not only be the clear No. 1 on the depth chart going into the summer, but is also on the short list of best tight ends in the country. Behind him is more talent that also comes with playing experience from last year in Eli Raridon and Cooper Flanagan, who both made it into the end zone for the Irish last season. The only concern with this group is health. Last year, Evans missed the final 4 games due to injury, and his back up, Eli Raridon, has already had two ACL injuries on the same knee. This is something that could be a big issue for the Irish moving forward if injuries become a trend with this group. Outside of that, however, look for the Irish to dominate once again and continue to represent Tight End U.

Running Back:

1A) Jeremiyah Love

1B) Jadarian Price

3) Gi'Bran Payne

4) Kedren Young

5) Aneyas Williams

I am extremely excited to see what this group brings to the table. On one hand, they are going to have massive shoes to fill with the loss of Audric Estime who went for over 1300 yards and 18 touchdowns last season. In my opinion, Estime was even better than the numbers suggested, as he often managed to pick up hard yardage after what should have been a stop in the backfield. This newly reloaded backfield, however, has some serious explosiveness headed by Jeremiyah Love and Jadarian Price. I listed them as 1A and 1B because I think they are the perfect complimentary pairing, and will split carries depending on the situation. It is also worth noting that Love was seen taking some reps with the receivers during the most recent Spring practice, so there might be a chance we see him in the slot or catching the lion's share of passes out of the backfield this season. This is going to be a dominant 1-2 punch and the depth behind them is nothing to scoff at either. Gi'Bran Payne has starting-caliber potential and the two 4 star freshmen come in with a high ceiling as well. Simply put, there should not be any issues with depth at this position this year. However, if we want to see some true fireworks, the two guys at the top need to stay healthy. Jadarian Price will now be a couple years removed from his Achilles injury that cost him his freshman year after an impressive Spring, but last year showed us that he has not lost a step. Look to see this group be featured in the passing game as well, which will only make it more difficult for defenses to scheme against this potentially prolific offense. Last year we saw thunder, this year we should see lightning. Get your popcorn ready.

Offensive Line:


  1. Ashton Craig

  2. Joe Otting

Right Guard:

  1. Billy Schrauth

  2. Rocco Spindler

  3. Peter Jones

Left Guard:

  1. Pat Coogan

  2. Sam Pendleton

  3. Chris Terek

Right Tackle:

  1. Tosh Baker

  2. Aamil Wagner

  3. Sullivan Absher

Left Tackle:

  1. Charles Jagusah

  2. Aamil Wagner

  3. Guerby Lambert

This is the group that I am most intrigued by. The Irish have some big shoes to fill from last season, literally and figuratively. Joe Alt and Blake Fisher will both be drafted and on an NFL team next month, and the Irish need to do their best to replace such high production. Now, it would be extremely unfair for any of us to expect Charles Jagusah to step in and pick up where Joe Alt left off. It just isn't going to happen. Joe Alt was a generational talent at Left Tackle, and although I think Jagusah can carry the torch and be a similar type of player one day, I don't expect it to be in his first season as a starter. However, what we saw from Charles in the bowl game was very encouraging and I fully expect him to grow and get better as the season goes on. Next to him at the Left Guard position, I expect Pat Coogan to remain the starter after Spring Camp, but would not be surprised if Rocco Spindler pushes him for that starting role come fall. At center, Ashton Craig will be a lock as he was very impressive when he took over the position for an injured Zeke Correll at the end of last season. With Zeke transferring, the job is Ashton's, as it may have been even if Zeke stayed. Next to him at Right Guard, I expect a very talented Billy Schrauth to become the stud he is expected to be this season. I am looking for him to make a big jump now that he has some experience under his belt and to not look back. Lastly, at Right Tackle, I have Tosh Baker emerging as No. 1 post Spring. This is, however, a spot I would expect has a good chance for an upset come Fall. I think if Aamil Wagner can continue to build his frame, and maintain his great athleticism, he can take that starting role come fall. I also believe he will be the backup at both Left and Right Tackle if he does not win a starting role for himself. Let's see how that shakes out!

What are your Depth Chart predictions? Let us know in the comments!


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