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The Irish Dominate the Eagles

📷 credit: @ndfootball on Instagram

Notre Dame played its best game of football all season, blowing out Boston College 44-0. Logan Diggs began the game with a 51-yard run, but little did Irish fans know that this would set the tone for the rest of the game. The Eagles simply did not have an answer for Notre Dame’s running backs on Saturday as Diggs, Estime, and Tyree all scored touchdowns on Saturday behind the strong play of the offensive line. On the other side of the ball, Benjamin Morrison set the tone with three interceptions on the day. This was one of the more impressive Senior Days at Notre Dame in recent memory and it was the right way to finish their careers as a member of the Irish. Coach Freeman added this at his press conference on Monday…

“It was great to play a complete game on all three phases and for your offense to score 44 points and defense to give up zero points. On special teams, we didn't block a punt and I gave coach Mason a hard time, but we did win the battle of field position and that's our number one goal. Zero turnovers from our guys in that type of weather are huge. To get four takeaways on defense obviously had a big impact on the game.”

Players of the Game

Logan Diggs

122 rushing yards, 1 TD; 28 receiving yards

Audric Estime

71 rushing yards, 2 TD

Offensive Line

156 receiving yards, 281 rushing yards, 0 sacks allowed

Benjamin Morrison

1 tackle, 3 interceptions

Coach Freeman had this to say about his talented freshman cornerback… ”We got a saying around here called ‘one play, one life.’ As a corner, you have to have that mentality. Within a game, ‘one play, one life,’ and whether you give up a big play or you make a big play, you got to move on to the next one. Some guys can't do that, especially at an early age where Ben Morrison showed the ability to do that. Last game he had two interceptions and they got a bomb on him and his ability to respond and say, ‘okay, next play,’ and get an interception on the overthrown ball late in the game. Again, it just shows his ability to refocus, resiliency, and the ability to just move on after something bad happens and get ready to do his job on the next play. I think that what you see is a reflection of how Ben Morrison's playing."

Xavier Watts

2 tackles, 1 sack, 1 tackle for loss

Isaiah Foskey

1 tackle, 1 sack, 1 tackle for loss, 1 fumble recovery

📷 credit: @ndfootball on Instagram

Bright Spots

Choosing Gratitude

There are a lot of things Irish fans should be thankful for this season. Coach Freeman said this on Monday about what he was thankful for at Notre Dame…

“We don't have enough time to go over the many things I'm thankful for, but I love these kids and I love these players. That's what makes being the head coach at Notre Dame special. These young people are a lot of fun to coach. They're eager to be coached, eager to be led, and every day presents a new challenge. I'm so thankful to be their head coach and it's a lot of fun. I'm glad we're able to get some of those rewards that they worked so hard for these wins. They work tirelessly to have that feeling on Saturday after a game. It's a lot of fun and I'm thankful to be able to coach them. This coaching staff has been tremendous. The growth we've done in a year, not even a year as a coaching staff. We're a position group. We really divide our football program into different position groups, but our coaching staff has a position group and we meet every day and those aren't always fun meetings, but it's a real meeting. It's real authentic relationships and that's what I want. That's what I want our players to want and our coaches to want. Real authentic relationships. Everybody in this room that has been in a real authentic relationship knows it's not always peaches and cream. It's not always bubbly and it's not always difficult moments. It's ups and downs, but it's authenticity. I'm thankful for this coaching staff, I'm thankful for these players, and obviously the administration at the university that I'm at."

Areas of Concern


Concerning injuries, Coach Freeman gave an update… “Cam Hart will probably be questionable for this one (USC). He had a shoulder injury that he had previously, but he has a shoulder injury. Isaiah Foskey is probable. Mitch Evans, I would say is probable with the ankle sprain. Probable for Jayson Ademilola, probable for Brandon Joseph, but still questionable for Tobias Merriweather. Still trying to see his recovery from the concussion.”

However, there was some encouraging news to come out about Tyler Buchner’s availability for a bowl game… “That's still to be determined. Right now our doctors are not 100% sure. That will be based on how he progresses over these next couple of weeks. He's practicing more, but obviously, there's no contact with him. We'll see. If it's what's best for him and he can be full go and be able to be healthy and protect himself and prepare for a bowl game, then shoot, there will be no hesitation to give him that opportunity. But that's still to be determined."

Final Take

Last Saturday’s win over Boston College was an incredible victory for Notre Dame, but the Irish must get ready for another test against USC. In light of the injuries and USC’s high-powered offense, there are a lot of questions for the Irish football team that must be answered. Let us hope that Coach Freeman pushes all of the right buttons this week and has this team prepared to take down the Trojans. Freeman had this to say about the upcoming game…

“It's obviously a great rivalry. A great football program with, great history, and tradition and it'll be a great challenge for our team. As I told them, ‘it's a focus on preparation, stay in the present, focus on preparation.’ Saturday will get here before we know it, but we have to continue to prepare, prepare, prepare. I don't know any other way. It isn't to come up with trick plays. It isn't trying to confuse them. It's prepare and continue to get better at the things we do really, really well and continue to try to fix the things that we need to improve. We're looking forward to the great challenge and great opportunity ahead of us.”

Coach Freeman added this about quarterback Drew Pyne… “He's ready to go. He's excited. He's a competitor. He is one of the most competitive kids we have. He wants the ball in his hands and he wants a chance to execute. We all have to make decisions that help him execute and he has to help himself execute, but I know he's excited for this challenge.”

Go Irish!

📷 credit: @ndfootball on Instagram


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