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The Shirt Taking Over South Bend

Written by Liam Gaudet ⏐ Senior Editor ⏐ Twitter: @LiamGaudetIT

Photo by USA Today

Just three games into a brand new season, Notre Dame fans have very little to complain about for the first time in a long time. The Irish have cruised through their first few games in dominant fashion, running over Navy across the pond, as well as handling business in cleanly fashion against a severely undermatched Tennessee State program, and finally demolishing North Carolina State at home. In those first three games, the Irish have outscored their opponents a combined 143-30. Thus far, Sam Hartman has been everything we could have asked for and more, and the young talent has been put on display. The future of the Notre Dame football team has never looked brighter. Marcus Freeman has done an incredible job guiding this program in the right direction, from recruiting to on field play in year two. Internally, the Notre Dame program hasn't looked this strong in a long time. Externally, however, I have a lot of questions for the fans of the storied Blue and Gold.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last Notre Dame home game that you felt like the crowd was a factor? I can name a plethora of Notre Dame road games where I believe the opposing crowd came out in full force to intimidate the Irish, but for the life of me I can't recall when that has ever been the case for another team visiting South Bend. You cad see the just how intimidating those road games have been for the Irish, just go back and watch the highlights from the 2014 Florida State game at Doak Campbell, or the disaster that was 2017 at Hard Rock against the Hurricanes. Both of those stadiums were bumping, and even more so, the crowd rippled with the colors of their programs in bright and offensive fashion. The common denominator in both of these games, of course, was an Irish defeat. Are you starting to see where I'm going with this?

Let's shift our attention to some of the more recent big games at Notre Dame Stadium. The two that come to mind for me are the 2019 Georgia game, and the 2021 Cincinnati game. If you attended either of these games, you probably know exactly where I'm going with this. I've seen this phenomenon referred to as "The Red Scare" - where an opposing team's fanbase completely takes over Notre Dame Stadium in their own colors. On both of these occasions, I was sick to my stomach as I witnessed the masses of red and black cover entire sections of Notre Dame stadium. Now, what I will say is that fans have done an exceptional job at promoting the non-sale of tickets to opposing fans on social media the past few seasons. Last season, there was noticeably less orange in the crowd during the biggest game of the season against Clemson, but still something felt lacking.

Photo by SB Nation

The color. The punch. The hostility. It just wasn't there. Navy just doesn't stand out as much as some of the colors that flooded stadiums over the years, and thankfully, the Irish came up with a solution. The "Irish Wear Green" initiative has and will continue to bring the vibrancy to the stands of Notre Dame Stadium at the perfect time. The Irish will wear a sleek minty green against the Buckeyes in two weeks time, with the fans encouraged to wear green during this game as well - and there happens to be a shirt that stands out for this glorious occasion.

Smack Apparel has introduced their "Bust A Nut!" T-shirt in time for the biggest game of the season. If there's ever been a shirt to capture the nature of the moment, this is the one:

Smack Apparel has been in business for 25 years, and has brought the passion, grit and excitement all college football fans feel during the season to their sleek and quality designs. Gone are the days of tired and overpriced collegiate apparel that lacks the punch of what college football represents. These designs fit the "Irish Wear Green" narrative to a tee at a far more reasonable price point. You want the oppositions attention? You've got it in these shirts.

Smack Apparel prides themselves in giving the fans a voice - and that voice is talking smack! There's no better way to make Notre Dame Stadium hostile again than a screaming loud shirt emphasizing the importance and emotion of this game. Buckeye fans are going to stop in awe once they have a peak at these, because we're no longer going to take disrespect in the presence of the dome.

There are 5 unique green designs not just suitable for the Ohio State game, but for every Irish occasion you find yourself in! The best part? These shirts are only $23.99 with free shipping on purchases over $40. Order yours by Tuesday of the Ohio State week and it'll be at your front door well before kickoff. It's time to make Notre Dame Stadium a place to be afraid of! Talk some SMACK!

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