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Top 5 Blue Gold Game Performers

By Liam Farrell|Writer|Twitter @LiamFarrell_IT

Via Notre Dame Athletics

As Notre Dame wraps up their annual Blue Gold game, it is always a good feeling for fans to get a sneak peak as for what's to come for the upcoming season. It is a great outlet for many young players to put themselves on the map, and for veterans to reinstate their starting status. I'm here to break down 5 players who really stood out in the spring game.

Number 1: Sam Hartman, QB

It may be hard not to overreact after watching Hartman sling it during this spring game, and rightfully so. Hartman ripped it in the first half by the tune of 2 passing touchdowns, along with one rushing TD that had his gold team up 21-0 at half. The reads that Hartman was making were superb. While leading his team to three scoring drives, Hartman only had three incompletions all half. Sam did a great job taking what the defense was giving him in soft zone sets, while also with finding the deep man downfield. In a group of spring practices that had others labeling Buchner having an edge over Hartman, the Blue Gold game established Hartman as the true leader of this Notre Dame football team.

Number 2: Jaden Greathouse, WR

Via 247Sports

The first thing that stands out about Greathouse is his physical appearance as a freshman. As a big-bodied wide receiver, Greathouse looks the part early on in his college football career. With Hartman as his quarterback, Greathouse shined in this offense. The large majority of Greathouse's catches were sitting in between a linebacker and a corner in zone coverage. Greathouse also had a great catch on a quick hitting slant, which put his phenomenal hands on display. Greathouse's play highlights the potential upside that this incoming crop of freshman wide receivers possesses.

Number 3: Jaylen Sneed, LB

Via Sports Illustrated

Speed. Speed. Speed. In my opinion, Sneed was the most impressive player in the linebacker room for the Irish. One play that especially stood out was on a stretch play, in which Sneed tracked down and beat the speedy Chris Tyree to the sideline. The entire game it appeared as though Sneed was always in the right position at the right time. It could just be the number change or another year under his belt, but Sneed looks more confident out there and is making quicker decisions on the field. There is a lot to be excited for when looking at the uber-talented linebacker out of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Number 4: Jayden Thomas, WR

Via Mark J. Rebilas- USA TODAY Sports

Wide Receiver 1? Thomas sure did look the part. While having a touchdown catch to his name, Thomas also displayed that he can get vertical when he caught a 48-yard bomb early in the first quarter. The connection that Thomas has with Hartman is something that looks really promising. Thomas resembles the type of wide receiver that Hartman tends to enjoy throwing to, a physical, strong handed wideout. In recent Notre Dame memory, Thomas reminds me of a sophomore year Chase Claypool. Thomas' route running ability is special and he should be a true weapon for offensive coordinator Gerad Parker to utilize.

Number 5: Jaden Mickey, CB

Via Notre Dame Athletics

King Mick. Mickey shined in today's spring game with the highlight being an interception on a 50/50 ball against the taller Deion Colzie. The best part about Mickey's game is his confidence on the field. His play is flashy, yet technical and when Mickey is on his game, it electrifies the entire defense. Mickey was even out there on special teams as the punt returner. If Mickey can keep up this play, Notre Dame will have an embarrassment of riches with Mickey, Ben Morrison, Cam Hart, and Clarence Lewis.

Wrap Up

With another Blue Gold game in the books, there is a lot to be excited about as a Notre Dame football fan. Sam Hartman dazzled. Young guns appeared to have gained size, speed and confidence. Lastly, and most thankfully, no apparent injuries. As spring ball comes to an end, Irish fans will now have to wait 4 never-ending months until we see our Irish line up on Irish soil. Go Irish!


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