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Irish VS Buckeyes Predictions: Can ND Get Over the Hump?

By: Mike Stacey ⏐ Writer ⏐ Twitter: @MikeStaceyIT ⏐ IG:mikestaceyit

It's that time of the year. The week where Notre Dame plays their first big test of the season and we find out what we're working with, and I could not possibly be more excited for this one. The history, the tradition, the implications, the fanbase hatred of one another, and two teams fighting for elite status in the country. Sprinkle in a College Gameday appearance and night game environment and you have the perfect recipe for an epic college football game. The numbers this game is going to do in viewership is going to be THROUGH THE ROOF. This is why we love college sports, there is simply nothing else like it.

With great excitement, however, often comes angst. I certainly will have plenty of that as well as game-time approaches. This is one of those games where you could tell me Notre Dame won in a blow out or Ohio State won in a blow out and I would not be entirely shocked. There are enough question marks going into this game that I could see it going either way. But I am going to try my best to make my predictions and pick the game winner. As always, I love to see all of your predictions in the comment section so let me know what you got! Now let's get to it....


Sam Hartman:

Not to overhype this matchup, but this could be a career defining game for Sam Hartman. He came to Notre Dame for this moment. To be on the big stage and put up a performance to help him climb the draft board. Well, the time is now. In last year's game the Irish did not have a deep pass threat and played a pretty conservative game. I expect them to open it up and attack deep early and often. I expect Sam Hartman to be ready for this moment, and to make a statement that he is one of the best in college football.


23 for 31/ 315 yards/ 3 TD's

Tobias Merriweather:

Blesses self: I may be wishing this into existence more than actually predicting it, but I am hoping that Tobias has a breakout performance in this game. Last week we saw him have a huge 75 yard TD catch where he turned in the 5th fastest speed in all of college football for that week. In total, he accounted for 91 yards and a TD on only 3 catches! I have been a firm believer that if ND is going to be elite, Merriweather needs to be an X factor, and last week we got a glimpse of what can be. I hope that trend continues this week and Tobias joins Sam Hartman in announcing his presence to the country.


5 Catches/ 110 yards/ 2 Td's

Holden Staes:

Following Michael Mayer's footsteps has to be a complete nightmare. He was an absolute stud and all time great for Notre Dame. However, Tight End U is continuing it's tradition and Holden Staes is holding up his end of the bargain in the passing game at Tight End. So far he has 6 receptions for 123 yards and 4 Td's. Not a bad start for a Sophomore who is getting his first taste of real playing time. I don't think Holden is going to put up crazy numbers this game, but I expect him to account for a BIG play at some point.


3 catches/ 46 yards/ 1 TD


Jordan Botelho:

Jordan Botelho is a bad man. His teammates said he is plain nasty when he is on the field, and is all business. This is the type of player that we need this year to replace some of the production we lost last year. So far, his production has been relatively quiet, accounting for 1 sack and 9 tackles. That being said, we have seen flashes of what he is capable of, and I think we see an inspired and fired up Botelho show up for this game on the national stage.


3 Sacks/ 1 TFL

Cam Hart:

Cam Hart is an underrated corner. He does not get the national attention that he deserves and even has an accomplished senior, he often takes a back seat to Benjamin Morrison. Cam has great size and is sticky in coverage. The only thing he is missing so far is an interception. I expect the Buckeyes to take more chances on Hart than they do Mickey, and I think Cam takes advantage of that.


2 Interceptions/ 2 Pass Break-ups

JD Bertrand:

The Irish clearly missed JD in the middle of the field last week. JD is not only a sound tackler and disrupter, but a great communicator on the field. I think getting him back will give the defense a shot in the arm, and expect JD to show out in front of the ND faithful.


9 Total Tackles/ 2 TFL


Dear Lord, give us this one! This is a game that as I mentioned before, I can really see going either way. However, if the Irish D-Line can be disruptive, and the Offensive Line can protect Hartman, I think Notre Dame will pull off a historic win in the Freeman Era this Saturday in South Bend under the lights. At least, I pray....

Notre Dame- 31

Ohio State- 21


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